About us

Why Us

Advocacy – The best word to describe our focus. We deliver the highest quality of advocacy with the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of a young firm. Our Team is composed of lawyers who have exceptional academic and professional qualifications. Sharing the same entrepreneurial spirit with our clients means we are better able to relate to their concerns,

and our depth of experience, academic credentials and professional qualifications enable our ability to advocate on their behalf. When you bring together a group of top notch professionals, to create a law firm, it means your clients can benefit from the expertise of the group and of the individual lawyer.

Our practice focuses on representation before courts and administrative boards where we act on behalf of a full spectrum of clients, from small entrepreneurs to major corporations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the first call you make, when you have a legal issue. Even if we do not handle the matter at issue, we willl be in the best position to help you find the appropriate professional and to work with that person. If necessary, to ensure the integration of your legal needs. We have a set of lawyers who will be handling all your legal queries.

We at Abubakar Sheidu & Co pride ourselves on providing high quality representation to all of our clients. We work diligently on your case in order to ensure the best possible result within the framework of the law.

We use valuable knowledge and trial experience, when defending your case. If you are interested in discussing your case or any legal matter with us, please call us todaay to set up a meeting with our team of lawyers.