What we offer

Real Estate

We understand the life-cycle of real estate law, from acquisition and development through to letting and disposal. We advise on land and building acquisitions, development, construction and marketing of property, governmental and environmental compliance, leasing sale, exchage and other disposition of property, and day to day real estate operations. This of course includes the use of property as security in finance transactions.

Company Secretary

We offer clients our company secretarial services, assistance with regulatory filings and compliance, which are essential to maintaining smooth corporate operations. We not only register and manage legal entities, we also regularly advise companies on their formation, advise companies and ensure they meet up with government regulations and procedures.

Corporate Practice

Our lawyers are well versed in the day to day requirements of modern day business operations and their complexities. Many of our clients are involved in various contractual relationships, existing and potential, necessary for the successful running of their enterprise. We recognise the challenges involve in such dealings, and provide advisory services to our clients, considering their various contractual relationships, as well as reviewing contracts on an ongoing basis.

Patent Registrars

The firm provides a full range of legal services relating to the protection, exploitation and litigation of intellectual property rights. At Abubakar Sheidu and Co, we combine strong expertise and local knowledge of specific industry sectors ranging from private to government organizations, to provide the ability to give more bespoke and specific advice. We give commercial counsel in transactions covering industrial and intellectual property acquisitions, royalties, franchises, licensing and other international trade protection measures. Wouldn't you rather deal with us?


We assist our clients avoid contentious disputes that result in court cases, situations arise when it becomes necessary to either defend a position in court or to institute an action on behalf of a client. We are confident in the competence of Nigeria’s judicial system especially with the newly instituted procedural rules, which have made it quicker to obtain judgements.

Having counsel that understand the working of the court system is of paramount importance, and we are confident in the ability of our lawyers to navigate the judicial system right from trial stage to the highest appellate stage. Our lawyers are able to marshal their arguements convincingly before judges, for the sole benefit of our clients.